Draws when someone talks

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In real-time draw, visualize and summarize
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Live drawing

Visual drawings create consensus and clarity. Get all participants to see the bigger picture and the road ahead. Makes complex things easy! I draw on paper or digitally on a tablet – always by hand.

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I can take part in or lead workshops on any topics. I draw and facilitate problem solving. I guide the workshop participants to stay focused and reach consensus or to capture new ideas.

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Holding many meetings? Do you want to learn the simple basics for drawing and facilitating your meetings? I tailor the training at the level and in the way that suits you best.

Graphic recording, visual recording, graphic facilitating, visual facilitating, visual scribe, doodling, visual thinking, wall illustration, whiteboard illustration, visuel notes, visualizing, visual coach – reflective graphics, graphic listening or - live drawing - so many different names for something very simple and clear.

About visualizing ideas and thoughts

Why images work and how they can help develop your businesses
If I draw a mountain, you see a mountain and not a dolphin.

We spend a lot of time, energy and money on various meetings. The question is, however, how much we get out from them - as organizers, speakers and participants. How many listen, participate actively and then take part of any notes or other documentation? Do you wish your meetings could be more effective and perhaps even more profitable?

Next time, invite me to come and visualize your meeting! I make something extraordinary happen during the meeting so that participants become more engaged and inspired. Also, you will get a creative documentation which shows a coherent picture and the highlights of the meeting.

  • Drawing in meetings is an effective method of learning

  • To quickly intercept messages live gives creative meetings

  • Live drawings to see the whole picture

Who draws?

Frida Panoussis

• Graphic Recorder • Professional Doodler • Mötesritare • SMH, Certification in sales and marketing
Former key account manager, projekt leader for conferences and events. Experience in a variety of industries. Marketing and communications manager in customer experience business. Worked with customers as IKEA, ICA, Volvofinans and several agencies. Holistic, innovaion and consensus are key words.




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